Men's skin

We are just like you! Men in search of healthy products, transparency and truth-tellers. Since the men's care that we tried did not completely meet our expectations, we decided to develop a men's skincare line made by men.

The nature of men

After all, who better than a man to understand the specific nature of men?

Our skin:

  • is more fragile and dehydrates more easily due to daily shaving
  • is twice as greasy as that of women
  • has larger pores, the perfect target for bacteria and other impurities that cause unsightly pimples
  • has twice the blood pressure

Our formulas are made up of best organic ingredients and active ingredients and natural products selected with the greatest care according to the needs of male skin. Our non-greasy textures absorb quickly, do not make the skin shine and smell very very good! Our products are like us (yes, yes), they are made for us men, respect our needs, our body, our environment, our nature and Nature.

We are listening: let us know your ideas, your desires, your expectations ... write to

The WWM Team


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