Shit-Free is the certainty that our products are made from the best ingredients, and that the compositions are carefully studied to avoid including ingredients that may be harmful to health.

You will not find:

  • no parabens,
  • nor PEG,
  • nor EDTA,
  • no synthetic fragrances, dyes or GMOs.
No petroleum products, and we don't hurt animals. Our treatments are tested on humans, not on rabbits!

We only use 100% organic plants and essential oils, and the preservatives we use are mild and approved by the most stirred organic certification bodies.

We place the precautionary principle at the center of our concerns, and if the harmfulness of an ingredient is debated, as a precaution we avoid using it.

But Shit-Free is also an attitude. That of transparency, of honesty. We are not here to make false promises or statistics. You make our statistics by using our care and placing your trust and loyalty in us.



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