What is my skin type?

Know your skin to choose the most suitable care

Knowing your skin type is important in choosing care adapted to your needs, because not all of our treatments contain the same active ingredients.
  • All skin needs to be hydrated (water supply).
  • On the other hand, some skins need to be nourished (intake of fatty substances), this is the case for dry skin.
  • Oily skin, on the contrary, produces too much sebum (fat) and this must be regulated.

We help you to determine your skin type in less than a minute.


Clues for dry skin

Is your skin tight, especially on the cheeks? It is prone to dryness. Your face is sensitive to wind, cold and external aggressions, quickly turns red and reflects little light. The skin feels dry and lacks elasticity. It is prone to chapping and often tightness ...

Diagnostic : Dry skin care

Clues for oily skin

Does your skin shine two hours after washing? You find that the appearance of your skin is shiny, mainly your forehead, nose and chin (area called the "middle" or "T") and that your pores are enlarged. You have pimples and blackheads on the same area ...

Diagnostic : Oily skin care

Signs for normal to combination skin

Is your skin thin and its appearance luminous? The pores are hardly visible. It is not greasy, even if it shows small reflections at the end of the day on the wings of the nose, chin and forehead ...

Diagnostic : Balanced skin care

Clues for skin lacking firmness

Years go by and your skin becomes drier and starts to wrinkle, to get saggy? You notice the presence of signs of fatigue such as dark circles for example. The skin is no longer elastic when you pinch it between your fingers. The complexion is dull, the skin is dry ...

Diagnostic : Anti-aging care


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