Because loyalty means something to us...

You don't find all of these great deals frustrating, but ... "reserved for new customers" ?

We find that frustrating AND a little insulting for existing customers ...

Because ultimately the message is "as soon as you are a customer, you are acquired by us, we no longer need to make any effort for you". And for us it goes the opposite of what a relationship with our customers should be.

So ... we decided to do the opposite.

With us, the kings are the existing customers. This is why our customers previously registered on our old site will benefit from an immediate 5 € discount on their first order on our new site.

And to thank you a little more we have set up a Loyalty program (accessible at the bottom of the screen by clicking on this logo) ...

How it works

You earn WWM points by performing certain actions:

  • By registering on our site (200 WWM points)
  • By following us on Facebook and Instagram (50 WWM points for each)
  • By sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • By sponsoring a friend (a voucher of 5 € for him and 5 € for you, as soon as he places his first order)
  • By placing an order (9 points for every 1 € purchase)
  • Or simply without doing anything on your birthday (200 WWM points) ...

Then you can redeem, in the same pop up, these points for discount coupons valid on our site.

It's easy and it's fun ...


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