The treatment that suits you best ...

If the idea of choosing a treatment by skin type isn't for you, here are some tips for choosing the product that's right for you. All of our creams moisturize as much, so that's not really a factor of choice.

We have two families of creams:

  • The fluid and light texturesbalanced skin care and oily skin care have very light textures on the skin, and are well suited to hot climates. The main objective of oily skin care is to regulate the production of sebum, responsible for the shine of the skin.
  • The nourishing textures : dry skin care and anti-aging are much more nourishing and provide the skin with the (good) fat it needs. The dry skin care is ultra nourishing and perfect in winter or in extreme situations (some of our customers use it on hikes in the desert), while the anti-aging focuses on firming the skin and reducing the wrinkles.


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