Participate in our crowdfunding !!

That's it, we are FINALLY launching our crowdfunding ...

So above all, a little clarity ... A crowdfunding, for those who do not yet know, aims to raise funds from the public (customers, fans, friends, etc ... all those who are ultimately interested in the project).

But the idea is not to "ask for charity" ... No, the financing gives the right to a counterpart. The principle in fact is that you will be able to pre-order packs at reduced prices. Pre-order as they are not immediately available.

In fact, we collect funds which allow us to finance certain projects: the development of new products, a new design, etc ...

So it's a win-win partnership between you and us: you agree to pay in advance and in return we offer you a substantial discount. For those who have never been able to find the beard or shaving product that suits you, we offer you, via our "bearded" and "shave" kits, to participate with us in the development. So we hope you FINALLY have the product you've always dreamed of.

So don't waste time and go take part in our WWM Skincare Crowdfunding on ULULE.

And if you are new here, we cannot recommend enough that you read WWM history.

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