The story of WWM part III

So after 10 years, we are at a crossroads ...

The easy way out is to stop.
But honestly ... we don't want to.
We don't want to let you down, we have great products (yes, we can't take that away from us), and we want to create new things ...

That's why we would like to do 2 things:

  • The first is to ask you what should be our next product. We thought of a shaving product, a hair product ... But there are plenty of possibilities and we are open to suggestions. Please feel free to send us an email telling us what you need (we might even explain how to do without it ...)
  • The second is that we need your help to make this happen. We therefore decided to launch a crowdfunding (crowdfunding).

For those who do not know what crowdfunding is: the principle is to appeal to the "public" to finance a business.
It is often a company in the process of being created which will say for example "we need 100,000 € to start our bicycle manufacturing activity. We will sell our bikes € 3000 but if you support us today, you pay € 1500 and in 6 months when we start you will have your bike that you will have paid half price."

It is interesting for the customers but involves some uncertainties: what if the bike is not up to the asking price ...?

Unlike a company that is being created, here you already know the quality of our products and we will offer you interesting rewards in order to motivate you ...

We will tell you more very soon,

We look forward to seeing you again,
Take care of yourself,
The WWM team.

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