WWM history

When we created World Wild Men in 2010 we wanted to bring something new to the men's skincare market.
Our idea? Offer a short but effective range of simple and pleasant-to-use men's skincare products, and "de-feminize" skin care gestures.
Indeed, many men with whom we spoke looked at us with a funny eye when we mentioned that a man could (should?) also put cream on his face every morning in order to talk to himself. ..
Basically our idea was that a lumberjack who hydrates his face does not automatically become a dancer in a tutu ...

Well that's point 1: yes it's manly to take care of yourself

Who are we talking to? Well finally to all men, and it was an axis of our communication: World Wild Men is for ALL men ... Whether you are a banker, a farmer, a biker ... Anyway, we we take care of your skin, and we do not worry about your lifestyle, your way of dressing (remember, however, that white socks in loafers are reserved for Michael Jackson), or your beliefs.

So point 2: it's for all men.

Do we have a philosophy, an ethics? Well yes ! Our credo is products made in France (and we really did everything we could to make local: design, conception, formulation, manufacture, suppliers of raw materials, down to the bottles and packaging ... A except for one or two raw materials that could not be found in France). And as long as we are there, we respect nature as much as we respect ourselves, so we made organic products. First under the Nature & Progrès label, then Ecocert certified, then we stopped because we noticed that it was costing us dearly, to fatten up large machines, and that it did nothing more for our customers. (We have stopped certifications, the products have remained organic, we simply no longer have the Ecocert mention).

Point 3: yes, we have an ethic.

Our strength for all this? We were not from this background, we were not from the skincare / cosmetics / beauty world. In fact we arrived with our eyes of demanding consumer by asking ourselves the following question: what do I, the average consumer, want? What are the characteristics that the product must fulfill?
To answer this question I'm going to talk a little bit about myself (Nicolas): I have always had sensitive and very irritated skin after shaving. And when I was a teenager, my mother bought me creams regularly but they never suited me: too oily, too shiny, scent not masculine enough (or not "elegant" enough), no soothing effect, etc. etc. ..
So 15 years later, like Sarkozy while shaving me, an idea occurred to me ...

Point 4: we are outsiders.

To be continued...

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